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Meet the Founder

Bobbi | London™ is the brain-child of Bobbi Trehan-Young.

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Bobbi Trehan-Young

Founder & CEO

Bobbi Trehan-Young is an entrepreneur and an accomplished Subject Matter Expert & Architect in Microsoft technologies. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Bobbi has established herself as a respected authority in her

specialism. Additionally, her drive, determination, and commitment to empowering women in the

workplace have led her to become a successful businesswoman and an inspiration.

Bobbi's journey to becoming the founder of Bobbi | London™ began as she worked and travelled extensively for several global companies and industry sectors such as Banking, Legal, Defence and Central Government. In 2018, she

decided to address the gap in the market for a stylish yet functional work-bag, designed specifically for

Women. Her bold decision to slowly transition away from her fast-paced corporate career to create her

debut brand and collection. Her vision was to build a women-led team that extended to suppliers

and vendors, to develop and launch a quintessentially British collection of stylish

Corporate Bags, Travel Accessories & Tech Products  designed exclusively

for women in the workplace.

One of Bobbi's defining characteristics is her unrelenting perseverance and commitment to excellence. She firmly believes that the key to success is resilience, and she consistently champions her teams to strive for excellence. This

dedication has earned her a reputation as a leader who can be counted on to deliver results,

even in the face of the most challenging obstacles.

Over the course of her career, Bobbi has been recognised with prestigious awards and accolades for her exceptional contributions in launching her brand & business. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Bobbi is

also a devoted mentor and leader, and she is a passionate advocate for diversity and

inclusion in the workplace.

It's been an incredible journey along-side a team of insightful, developers & engineers (I'm very proud to declare

that women represent 80% of my brands work-force), without them the realisation of my

vision may not have been achieved.

I am delighted to bring you my debut collection, and I hope you enjoy these carefully designed &

hand-crafted pieces just as much as the Team here at Bobbi | London™

have enjoyed creating them for you. 


"To continue to strive in the industry yet remain feminine with an added touch of elegance to the corporate world."

#WomenInBusiness  |  #WomenWhoTravel  |  #WomenInSTEM  |  #WomenInTech |  #WomenWhoCode  |  #WomenEngineers

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