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Meet the Founder

Bobbi | London™ is the brain-child of Bobbi Trehan-Young.

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Bobbi Trehan-Young

Founder & CEO

The drive to create my brand comes from having spent twenty years consulting as a Subject Matter Expert & Architect, in the male-centric tech industry. Over the last two decades there was a real struggle to find the perfect work-bag for my laptop,

tech essentials and everyday business needs - especially whilst flying for business.

In 2018, I decided to address the gap in the market for a stylish yet functional work-bag, tailored specifically for Women in STEM, and I transitioned away from my fast paced six-figure corporate career in order to create

my own Brand Collections designed for women in the workplace.

My vision was to build a women-led team that extended to suppliers and vendors, to develop and launch a quintessentially

British collection of stylish Corporate Bags, Travel Accessories & Tech Products...

...exclusively for Women.

It's been an incredible journey along-side a team of insightful, developers & engineers (I'm very proud to declare

that women represent 80% of my brands work-force), without them the realisation of my

vision may not have been achieved.

I am delighted to bring you my debut collection, and I hope you enjoy these carefully designed &

hand-crafted pieces just as much as the Team here at Bobbi | London™

have enjoyed creating them for you. 


"To continue to strive in the industry yet remain feminine with an added touch of elegance to the corporate world."

#WomenInBusiness  |  #WomenWhoTravel  |  #WomenInSTEM  |  #WomenInTech |  #WomenWhoCode  |  #WomenEngineers

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