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The Bobbi | London™ Brand Story

Founded by a Woman & Created for The Woman.

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Bobbi | London™ is a women-led online store, designing the next corporate trends. Our timeless designs resulting from contemporary conversations focused on enhancing productivity, they draw on the aesthetics

of the corporate woman as well as her business roots.

Our core aim is to empower and amplify women in the workplace while retaining their feminine identity. 

We believe that you need not compromise your style to be highly-effective: a subject so

close to our founder's heart she decided to put her own name to the brand.

We strive to keep our chain of vendors British and ensure we choose suppliers who contribute to circular

economy in the manufacturing process of materials. We have additionally created a London based

workforce to hand-craft these luxury pieces while maintaining our heritage skills in the UK.

A business made-up of female innovators, dynamic and current, we deliver British

styled luxury as part of the Bobbi | London™ shopping experience

wherever you may be around the globe.

Thank you for being part of our vision, where we continue to pave the foundations for inclusion and equality for the next generation of Girls in STEM, helping shape the resilient Woman of the future.

#bobbildn  |  #styleitbritish

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